Hi, long time no blog. I actually went to Bistro Bruno last winter. But finally sorted out some wordpress plugin issues that I was having. Ok that was only lately when I decided to update this blog. I’ve too many divergent interests and they all fight for my attention.

Anyhow, this place in Balmain is cosy and cute for winter dining. Lovely service and food preso. Not all the food was ‘mind blasting’. Like the lamb. I’m not a fan of lamb. But everything else I had was good.

Citrus-cured Ocean Trout, cucumber, radish & fennel salad

Whole roast spatchcock, carrot puree, snap peas, house-cured bacon, pan juices

Potato Gnocchi, cauliflower & parmesan puree, florets, pinenuts & raisins

Milly Hill Lamb Loin, herb crust, sweetbreads, pumpkin puree

Strawberry Cheesecake

Bistro Bruno

Bistro Bruno

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