This restaurant/bar has a fusion of good modern and traditional Japanese interior design. It’s bustling on a Friday night. The service is attentive and friendly.

As for the food, they looked tantalising. The Wagyu Tartare was creamy and crunchy. The barramundi had a really crispy and savoury skin, which I love. The ponzu sauce and tomato salsa gave it a nice tangy flavour.  When it came to the pork belly, I was underwhelmed by the fact that it didn’t have a crispy skin. Fair enough that there wasn’t any indication on the menu of whether or not it included skin. Also, the pork was a little bland compared to the daikon (radish) that had soaked up most, if not all, of the sauce that they were slow cooked (or braised) in.


Wagyu Tartare

Pan Seared Ocean Barramundi

Buta No Kakuni

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